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Tree Free Paper

Today, many of the world's biologically rich forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Each year an era of tropical forest is lost. A major cause is the expansion of industrial tree plantations, which supply pulp to meet worldwide demand for paper products.

To decrease the extent of deforestation, tree free paper are made. Tree-Free Paper is manufactured without the use of tree fibre. It is made from vegetable fibres obtained from quickly renewed annual crops such as hemp, flax, cereal straw, corn or other vegetables. It is also made from agricultural residues and cotton rags. Tree-free paper is one of the most environmentally-friendly paper products of our time.

Tree Free Paper

The benefits of using non-wood sources extend beyond saving trees and forest habitat. The production process is itself more environmentally sound, requiring fewer chemicals and less energy. With growing restrictions on timber harvesting, and increasing concerns to preserve forests and reduce pollution from virgin wood pulp production, tree-free papers are gaining increased attention.