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Silk Paper

Silk Paper Best described as the softness of silk available in a paper, handmade silk paper is fabricated from real silk fibers that have been recycled and processed. Silk, the most glorious and dazzling of all natural fibres, has always been surrounded by a sense of glamour. Silk paper successfully captures this intense lustre and is easily incorporated into the work of the artisans. Handmade silk paper is a unique creation which reflects an incomparable class.

Silk paper can be made into original, bowls, book covers, multimedia textile pieces, boxes and lampshades. It renders, an unequivocal class to the gifts and also work great for book covering or wrapping paper. It is truly a wonderment to witness the extraordinary creative uses artists and craftspersons have found in handmade silk paper, for e.g, three-dimensional sculpture, jewellery, book coverings, collage, quilting, home furnishings, wearable art, etc. Also, because of their exquisite designs they can make a craft project stand out from the crowd. They can also be dyed or inlayed with flowers and leaves, or threads and ribbons.

More About Silk Paper

The smoothness of silk, and it's rich feel & looks makes this paper connoisseur's delight. Silk paper inspires one to produce items that caters to both ethnic and contemporary social tastes and motivates one to possess things that are timeless pieces of artistic products. The long silk threads moving along the paper surface and mix colors are available in regular silk, fancy silk, silk laid and silk laces.