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Handmade Printed Paper

Printing on the paper is the worlds oldest, most desired and most beautiful art. Handmade printed paper is either hand screened or block printed on elegant and enticing handmade paper sheets. The utility of this paper is not only restricted to usage in rubber stamping, gift wrapping, making of paper products rather it can also be used to display virtually all forms of graphic communication and visual media that can be expressed. The script designs of handmade printed paper are also beautiful in a unique way and are popularly used as wall hangings.

More About Handmade Printed Paper

Handmade paper work welcomes one to the world of nature, and handmade printed paper makes one experience the timeless beauty of nature like never before. 100% eco-friendly, acid-free, wood-free, made from natural waste material such as cotton rags, silk fiber, banana fiber, etc., every sheet of handmade printed paper is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans. Handmade papers are generally available in single, double and triple colors printing on plain or mottled paper base. Handmade Printed papers are excellent for crafts including bookbinding, box making, stationery, packaging, gift wraps, album covers, lampshades and much more. Each product carries its own distinct mark and is sure to appeal to environment conscious people.