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Paper Box

Use of handmade paper saves our environment and also helps in preserving our nature. However, the advantage of handmade paper and paper products is not only restricted to their utility and environment friendly attributes but consists of their ability of the venture to help the rural craftsmen. Handmade paper boxes are very useful creativity of paper and as a result of their attractive and durable features people all around the world are more interested in using handmade paper products instead of machine made. These nature-friendly handmade paper boxes consists of general-purpose paper boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, bangle boxes and sweet & cake boxes.

More About Paper Box

In the manufacturing process of handmade paper products, like these boxes, there are no chemicals and harmful dyes used. These boxes are produced by employing waste bio-mass like grass, jute, husk, cotton waste of the textile mills, broken leaves and flower petals, waste wool etc. These sorts of boxes are manufactured in all over India and are available in hundreds of cover papers, in a four sided square model, in a six sided circular model, and in various diameters & height requirements.

  • Paper Jewelry Box
  • Paper Gift Box
  • Paper Tissue Box
  • Paper Slip Boxes