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Floral Paper

Flower Paper As a result of the increasing concern around the globe for preserving the forest reserves, many of us have opted for technology and products that lead to the conservation of the environment. Handmade flower paper can be best described as an eco-friendly paper creation, made by converting flower petals into the pulp fiber and then producing paper by employing pollution free methods. This paper provides an elegant and exquisite surface for writing , a fine texture for drawing, can also be used for creating exotic decorative items and for artistic stationary paper and comes with exclusive looks, higher tensile, bursting, tearing and double-fold strength as compared to its counterparts.

More About Floral Paper

As a paper which is not just environmentally friendly, but has tremendous aesthetic value too, Flower papers are gaining a lot of popularity among people who are looking for something unique and exquisite. Totally compatible with laser and inkjet printers, floral paper is simply beautiful as they are made with all woodfree materials and real flower petals are embedded in the paper during the making process. This paper is also excellent for string folders and shopping bags, for making wedding invitations, file dockets and various cards.