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Handmade Envelopes

Handmade envelopes are made from the finest cotton and linen rag, just as paper was made centuries ago. An envelope can be best described as a packaging product that is basically constructed of a flat and plain material (like, paper or a cardboard) and are designed to contain letters, invitations, cards etc. Usually for surface textures and durability, handmade papers are naturally dried for a beautiful rough surface, and only once the paper is dry, it is hand scored, folded or glued. Envelopes has set the highest standards for the handmade paper created in terms of elegance and performance. Handmade paper envelopes can be easily handwritten and customized in accordance with the distinct requirements of individuals. Made of durable fabric they can be even be reused.

More About Handmade Envelopes

When the festivity is just too important to choose a regular paper envelope, one can always opt for these unique handmade paper envelopes. From the exclusiveness of the beauty rendered by handmade paper envelopes, the recipient will definitely feel the importance, sincerity and emotions attached to the invitation.