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Handmade Embroidery Paper

One particular type of handmade paper that reflects the creativity of the artist is the embroidered handmade paper. Embroidery is done on handmade paper in different floral and abstract patterns. The embroidery gives the handmade paper a very festive look and makes the paper look ornamental. Embroidery is done using threads that either contrast or compliment the color of the handmade paper. This paper is available in all hues, thickness and different thread colors. The embroidered handmade paper is very popular for gift boxes, gift bags, photo-frames, book covers etc.

Handmade Embroidery Paper

Handmade embroidery paper comes in different styles and different patterns of floral and abstract embroidery. The handmade embroidery paper specially done on selected type of handmade paper is a craze now a days. Its available in different colors, thickness and different types of thread colors. An idel for book covers, gift boxes, photo-frames, Notepads etc. The paper is available in thickness ranging from 100-300 gsm.