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Cotton Paper

As the name suggests Cotton Paper, is the paper made from 100% cotton fibers. Cotton is a tropical plant which is commonly swoon in April-May and picked in September-October. This plant is the most popular option while manufacturing handmade paper as it can even be cultivated in adverse growing conditions and requires less nutrients as compared with any other crop. The cotton plant possesses a seed hair fiber which is perfect for fine paper production, as it comes with ideal strength, length and flexibility; it is naturally soft and feels distinctive. These attributes allow cotton paper to embark an important impression that stands above ordinary papers.

More About Cotton Paper

Cotton papers are considered to be superior in terms of durability and strength as compared to other wood pulp-based papers, which also consists of high concentrations of destructive acids. However, its just not the natural and recyclable aspect of cotton paper which makes them special and favored through out the world, but also the built-in strength of interlocking cotton fibers that allows these papers to withstand the roughness of any printing process. Even after undergoing through the printer or press, a number of times, cotton papers tend to remain crisp and fresh.