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Banana Paper

Banana paper is the result of two invention as, namely, mechanical banana harvester and another being an innovative method of laminating banana tree fibre. Handmade banana paper can be best described as a revolutionary product which is much more sturdier than ordinary pulp paper and made from natural, bio-degradable product. This paper is popular among those those who appreciate the concept of using a natural paper material in an original and organic way.

A popular product that resembles one's ideology and sense of style, handmade banana paper is natural brown in color with natural fibres, made from waste bark of banana tree which is cut after the bananas have been ripened. This natural banana paper is totally natural, made with no glue, chemicals, utilises a waste product as a resource, saves trees & conserves the environment, is 300 times stronger than pulped paper and above all these factors is fire resistant, water resistant and greaseproof, yet totally bio-degradable.

More About Banana Paper

Known for it's strength and delicate and elegant looks, banana paper is suitable for a multitude of usages, like, decoration, creating gift boxes, gift wrapping and handmade notebooks., stationary paper and writing paper. Being a decorative paper, the banana paper is also utilized in production of classic handmade paper products & accessories. Though, not considered for every paper product, banana paper has evolved as a superior substitute for more than 50% of the current world paper and packaging usage. The trend of using banana fibre to manufacture handmade paper is now picking up, especially in nations like India as the fibre of the banana tree is a sustainable resource to manufacture paper.